Hello, my name is Margo Strong. I am originally from the East Coast but now live in Northern CA. I have always loved jewelry but I began my love of beads in the year 2009 I began by designing beaded book marks. I then took my love for beads and decided so try my hand at designing jewelry. I began making one of a kind designs. After many hours of reading books and watching DVD's, I decided to incorporate different materials and techniques. I began using wire, glass, metal and wood to name a few.

My greatest passion however is working with a material called PMC or Precious Metal Clay. There are many forms of clays. They usually begin in a form similar to play dough, which can be molded and shaped into different designs. The clay is then dried and put into a kiln. As it 'cooks' in the Kiln any of the impurities are evaporated leaving a pure form of metal. An example of this is using silver clay, once completed you end up with 999 % fine silver. Other forms are sterling silver, copper, brass and platinum.

I hope you enjoy these one of a kind designs and special request are always welcome. My pieces are made using gemstones, swarovski crystal, sterling or fine silver, glass, copper and brass to list a few. I will use gold but usually only work with gold if requested because I try to. keep my prices at an affordable rate. I hope you enjoy my pieces. as much as I adore designing them for you.